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Why buy surveillance cameras from a specialist store

You’ve figured out for various reasons that it’s time to put video surveillance cameras on you.

You’ve probably seen the stealing rate steadily rising, maybe you found your car scratched in the parking lot, or just your neighbor seems quieter since he puts outdoors in the yard, and you’re tired of staying with care at What’s going on at home.

Where should I buy surveillance cameras?

You probably already have this question. I will answer you briefly: always buy your cameras from a specialized shop such as You may not believe me in the first instance, but let me argue the statement.Why buy surveillance cameras from a specialist store

If you’re looking online or offline, you’ll surely find (universal) stores that have besides other types of surveillance products, cameras, DVRs and the accessories required for commissioning. It’s true that the price might attract you in this context but do not let you be fooled. If you do not know how much you watch video, you’ve given the money for a surveillance system because you will not know how to mount it, set it up or access it via the internet.

In fact, that’s the idea I’m trying to emphasize. The eyewatch shop not only sells professional indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras, but as a buyer (especially if you are a little athlete) you can call and ask questions about the installation or setup problem. Everything will be solved in less than an hour. What do you do if you bought from a general electronics store and you want to ask a question? I’m sorry but there’s no one to help you.

I say this because the past days call me a citizen to ask for my help with the kit she ordered from that store that starts with e and ends in the mag. Obviously the first time, I asked him to contact the supplier. Do you know what he told me? “I tried but has no one to help. If I can pay you. Only to deal with the system as I leave my country soon “. Honestly, we did not get money for the guy, I helped him for free though I told him that all customers who buy from us get free technical support. Security systems installation in London by LogicalGate.

I’m glad that at least I helped and educated someone to take care of where to buy next time. The online environment is full of commercials and your TV programs your mind to buy from a certain place only that it is not always good and the situation above illustrates the idea perfectly.